Friday, January 1, 2010

Road Trip to Sun Valley: Overnight in Boise, ID

Nearing "Basque Block" in Downtown Boise, after a dry and relatively quick drive from Bellevue. 15,000 people of Basque decent in the area. Good red wine and red bean soup with sausage and ribs

Ham and cheese, olives and fried potatoes......yum!

Joe the owner, of Leka Ona (Good Place). We were two of a hand full of people in the place, all sitting at the bar. Everyone came over and welcomed us, talk about CHEERS! By the time we left everyone knew our name and we thiers. Friendly bunch. Joe runs a top notch place and it is worth a stop if you are in Boise. Ron the bartender, told us they also have a few hotel rooms, (they were booked) outdoor seating and a roof garden. He said it was the calm before the storm: they were going to be jammed for New Year's Eve.

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