Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A long time in coming, emmer&rye takes shape on upper Queen Anne-well known, local chef & established Seattle restauateurs collaborate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Seattle, January 27, 2010
Seattle Chef Seth Caswell is opening his brainchild emmer&rye restaurant this week after working for well over two years for it to become a reality. With more than a few false starts; investors and collaborators who jumped ship at various times during the protracted and ongoing economic storm: and potential locations that came and went, Chef Caswell was undeterred. Persevering in his quest, he continued as president of the Seattle Chefs Collaborative, working with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply. Chef Caswell unrelentingly explored options to bring emmer&rye to life as he continued to cook for charity causes and with chef colleagues in their kitchens all over town.
As part of his celebration of seasonally inspired and locally derived food, in the fall of 2009 Chef Caswell conceived a weekly Tuesday night dinner series at a friend’s restaurant; on the day that restaurant was normally dark. Each dinner series 5-course menu was based on what he could find at the farmer’s market that week and feedback from his extensive email list of potential diners. The seed that became emmer&rye was planted at one of these Tuesday night dinners. Chef Caswell cooked for a group that included restaurateurs Karsten Betd and Eladio Preciado, operators of the four Seattle area Julia’s Restaurants and Julia’s Bakery. Karsten and Eladio were extremely impressed with Chef Caswell’s cooking and his philosophy of meticulously sourcing local products. Conversations that grew out of that first meeting led to the repositioning of Karsten and Eladio’s upper Queen Anne neighborhood Julia’s as emmer&rye restaurant.
“I never dreamt that I would be opening in such a killer location in such a beautiful spot. My collaboration with Karsten and Eladio at this location fast tracked the restaurant opening process. With minor cosmetic changes, an overhaul of the kitchen and the integration of key team members into the new operation, we are almost ready to go”, explained Chef Caswell, “Our opening “dream team” is training and as of late Sunday, the opening day’s menus are in place.


Chef Seth Caswell – Chef Caswell has been cooking professionally for 18 years. Highlights of his educational and professional experience are: Graduate of The Art Institute of Vancouver (Dubrulle Culinary Arts) Baking & Pastry Program, Canada; Chef de Cuisine for six years at the renowned East Hampton restaurant Nick & Toni’s; Executive Chef Stumbling Goat Restaurant, Seattle; President of the Seattle Chefs Collaborative, 2006-Present; emmer&rye Executive Chef/concept developer

Karsten Betd and Eladio Preciado: owner/operators of Seattle area Julia’s Restaurants (Broadway, Issaquah, and Wallingford) for over 25 years and most recently collaborators with Chef Caswell on emmer&rye.

Opening January 28th
1825 Queen Anne Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109

Dinner nightly
Sunday-Thursday 5 – 10 pm
Friday-Saturday 5 – 11pm
Weekend Breakfast
Saturday-Sunday: 9:30 – 2pm
Daily Happy Hour:
4 – 6pm and Coming Soon 10pm – 12am
Find us: Twitter@emmerandrye

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