Saturday, January 16, 2010

NW Winter-Time to eat crab!

January 14: Wondie, the hunter gatherer, who learned well from his father before him, brings pre-cooked dungenous crab home from Whole Foods-Bellevue. He asks the fish counter guys to pick out the biggest ones, these are all over 2.5 pounds. I am not sure if I have ever seen them this big, he says "We used to be able to get these big ones a lot more." We put last weekend's NY Times down on the kitchen island. I whip up a bibb lettuce salad with red radish and a quick orange-mustard dressing. I shake an icey Bombay Martini, into our communal martini glass-garnish it with a blood orange twist, olives and saga blue, poked on to a cocktail pick. We sat down on the bar stools, say "Prost" and dig in. Really good fast food, for a weeknight.....picking crab, lively conversation and easing into the end of the week. All the stores have the crab now, it is in it's prime and Whole Food was less than QFC. Start to sit down, 15 minutes, perfect.

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