Friday, September 18, 2009

The plums ripen: Tree to ball jars in a weekend

The Italian Prune Plum tree we planted 7 years ago has been bearing fruit for 3 years, this is the biggest harvest yet.....I did give it water this year because it was so dry...but usually it bears anyway.

It is always good to have a helper when climbing in trees.

Must have been about 100 to 125 pounds of plums! Very ripe and really beautiful and sweet.

Pitted, cooked down, no sugar added, they were sweet enough.

Sterilize jars/lids & rings, then can in pressure cooker........use in winter:

  • Panna Cotta and puddings

  • Eat with oatmeal and or yogurt for breakfast

  • Use as sauce for duck or roast pork

  • Doctor up as hot plum sauce for Asian food

  • Eat on homemade ice cream with toasted nuts

  • Make sorbet, 2.5 cups in Cuisinart ice cream maker

  • Try a sorbet version that has 2 tbsp. whipping cream added to the plums before processing

  • Make parfaits with granola and yogurt

  • eat plain and just enjoy the taste of late summer

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