Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day after Via Tribunali Pizza-Housewarming Party

9-13-09, the flat bed with the pizza oven is parked out in front, the thing is still really warm from the housewarming party the night before and the coals glowing: I throw in some natural charcoal and a oval stoneware dish with the following: seasoned butterflied leg of lamb, asian eggplants, onion, bay leaves, green head of garlic, red wine, water, seasoned toasted bread crumbs. I closed it up with foil and pushed it into the oven where the coals were glowing. It was 1:30pm, at 5PM....I pulled out the most amazing slow, baked food......perfectly cooked in the not so hot oven...add some freshly steamed basamti rice and a couple of glasses of red wine: it was heaven in the patio and food for the soul. We needed to have "something good" to share and enjoy......the perfect dish.

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