Friday, February 17, 2012

When is it time to think about hiring outside marketing help?

People ask and here is a check list that answer's the question:

Lack of overview or understanding: what strategies can be implemented and how they connect to one another?

You don’t know what to say : “what would people find interesting about what I am doing?”

Consistency of branding/messaging, from platform to platform.

You and your business has a “story” that no one but you really knows. It is on-going, always evolving.

There is no written marketing plan; just shooting from the hip.

The written marketing plan hasn’t been referred to since it was submitted to the landlord pre-occupancy.

Your employees don’t know what the company mission is and how to communicate it day in and out.

Customers are not informed to all aspects of what you offer or your capabilities.

The businesses and residents in your immediate radius don’t have a relationship with you.

For an outsider's perspective, void of preconceived notions.

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