Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making "Rotkohl" for Thanksgiving Dinner

My version of the German/Family recipe for the holiday red cabbage dish that needs to be served with turkey, duck, pork or roast beef.
1 head of Red Cabbage
2 big apples
2 big onions
2 Bay Leaves
3 Whole Cloves
6 Juniper Berries
Red Wine Vinegar
Black Pepper
1/2 cup frozen Huckelberries (can use blue berries or any frozen forest berry)
Olive Oil
Peal and core all items. Starting with onion and apples feed into Food Processor with slicer attachment (thin) and slice. Add oil and bay leaves to hot oil, add onions and apples and let "sweat". You may use lid of pot for this, proceed until onions and apples start to break down. Add sliced cabbage and berries. Stir. Add 1/4 cup vinegar, stir and coat items. Turn heat down, adding additional spices, cover and cook slowly for 10 minutes. Take off lid and stir: salt and pepper to taste. Cabbage should still be crunchy. At this point liquid in pot should be gone and you should let pot cool down and chill over night. This dish needs to be made the day BEFORE you want to eat it, the chilling over night sets the flavor. Next day heat up being careful not to burn mixture, taste and re-season if needed.
Can also be heated up in warm oven after being tested for seasoning.
This is one of the reasons the cabbage family is my favorite group of vegetables! Easy, afordable, healthy and Yummy! Give it a try and tell me what you think!


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