Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chef Thierry Blouet, Chef Heinz Reize & Chef Roland Menetrey-Three Great Chefs: a single purpose! Festival Gourmet International in PV, Mexico

Left to right: Chef Roland, Chef Thierry, Chef Heiz (sitting in the shade at Coco Tropical-more fun that a barrel of monkeys!)

November 18th at Coco Tropical Restaurant as part of the XV Festival Gourmet a cooking class at Chef Heinz Reize's restaurant, lead by Chef Jens Nardmann (see previous post). Chefs Blouet & Reize are the founders of this now grand 10 day Food Festival/Event. Chef Menetrey joined his dynamic duo buds in 2000 to take the festival, which draws guest chefs and guests from all over the world, to another level. Imagine: world class chefs cooking in Puerto Vallarta's best restaurants, creating menus using local products and giving it their spin! Through the years, the host chefs have also traveled to Europe, the US and other destinations in a reverse culinary exchange. The cultural exchange, swapping of culinary knowledge and building of friendships and just plain fun: is priceless.

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