Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WAM! Wine, Appetizers, Music @ Washington Square in Bellevue, WA

Just getting started, first guests of about 80, arrive. Grand Cru Wine Bar & Shop pours wine and sparkling wines, New World reds and old world reds......guests are able to order the wines they tasted and liked.

View down from The Loft @ Washington Square residences, looking south.

Mari, and Scott were "drafted" to help, and tasted some new, exciting wines in the process!

Geoffrey Castle, speaks to a fan......what a nice (& talented guy!). What beautiful music he plays!

Rob-Grand Cru WIne, Wesley & Hanna-Amato Catering.

Appetizers by
Amato Catering
Rustic Tuscan &
Northern Italian Flavor
Live music by
Geoffrey Castle
National Recording Artist
Electric Six-string Violinist
Wine provided by
Grand Cru Wine
Bar & Shop

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