Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chef by Request Zone Diet® inspired meals result in weight loss of 25 pounds and 15 pounds respectively

Bellevue area radio hosts Pam & Rochelle (Chat with Women) win big by losing
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Kirkland, WA July 28, 2010
A chance meeting at a local women’s event in April of 2010 has resulted in a life altering experience for Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff, hosts of KKNW’s 1150 AM popular weekday talk show, Chat with Women, board casting from Bellevue, WA. Most women aren’t candid about their weight, but together Pam and Rochelle and have lost 40 pounds in about three months with Chef by Request gourmet Zone Diet® inspired meals. Pam Gray, who, if you have heard her on air or know her personally, is outspoken about pretty much everything, says “Every morning I find my day’s meals and snacks, in a tamper proof cooler bag delivered nightly, sitting on my door step: ready to take along to the studio. No more skipping meals, fast food or going hungry. I look forward to every meal, I eat real food, fresh, never frozen, prepared by Chef Patrick and his staff in the Seattle Chef by Request kitchen. The meals taste great and are good for me!”
“Pam and Rochelle are typical of a lot of our clients,” says David Welts, Chef by Request Director of Nutritional Wellness and Coaching. They are busy people who, either long term or short term, choose our Zone Diet® inspired or our Paleolithic Diet* meals. Our mission is to help people reach their goals, whether it’s losing weight, eating well more regularly, or getting through busy periods when they can’t cook for themselves or their families due to hectic times at home or work, serious illness, visiting guests or friends with special dietary needs. In Pam’s case, she expressed a wish to look fabulous at her son’s wedding this fall.”
“I feel so good, have loads of energy and my skin just glows,” reports Pam. “I have learned about portion control, healthy food choices as opposed to not so great ones and really regained my physical equilibrium. What started as a vision of a slender me dancing in a black dress at Shawn’s wedding has given me a new lease on life!”

*(preferred by some high performance athletes)

About Chef by Request:

o Prepared in our Seattle Kitchen daily, never frozen, doorstep delivery nightly
o Seasonal, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood
o Portioned meals and snacks arrive in a thermally insulated, zippered and tamper proof cooler bag, with freezer packs
o Additionally, offering the Paleolithic Diet, preferred by some high performance athletes
o Menus are easily customized for wheat and gluten intolerance, celiac disease, other health conditions, food and/or religious preferences
o Daily deliveries are made throughout Washington and Western Oregon, a second Bay Area, Chef by Request kitchen serves the San Francisco, CA area
o Schedule changes are easy with 48 hour notice
o Chef by Request, formerly Zone Seattle was established in 2009 and is locally owned and operated

Chef by Request Corporate Office:
10850 117th Place NE
Kirkland, WA 98033
For information on ordering Chef by Request meals:
Toll Free: (877) 878-5777
Seattle/WA State/Portland: (206) 340-4102
San Francisco Bay Area: (415)-391-1899

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