Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stood up after confirming appointment? Has this happened to you?

An appointment was confirmed via voice mails and text...when I arrived yesterday the other party was not at their office at the appointed time, hasn't happened to me in years. Only other time was earlier this year, when the other party messaged me on Facebook (although they had my cell phone number & email) the morning of the appointment, while I was at the gym. I arrived at the agreed upon meeting place directly after work out/shower in the driving rain, called, got no answer...until I logged on to Facebook, later that day, then I knew.

Question? Is social media contributing to lax behavior? Has someone seen a code of conduct that incorporates newer methods of communication and sets some standards of what is and isn’t acceptable? Can you share it? Have people no common sense anymore, much less manners?This is NOT going to happen to me again...!

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