Friday, July 24, 2009

The Bounty of Summer-Early in the NW this Year

The master gardener living across from us gave us some zucchini and I wanted something other than Zucchini Bread. So I found this recipe on
for a sweet/sour hot dog relish. I made it with a few changes, I canned the finished relish, and I also added some FireSpices. David Hunt, with whom I used to work at an advertising agency....has turned a little something he just used to do for fun (make spice rubs) into a business. His spice rubs are hot and should be used with care, but they are also blended with other herbs and spices and are very well rounded in taste. The hotness comes from powdered, dried habanero peppers, they cost $33.95 dollars a pound wholesale. You can order the rubs on line through the company website, (link above). I have been using them in EVERYTHING since David brought me some about a week ago. This relish is already almost gone, every time someone tastes it, they want a jar. I made smoked chicken, tartar sauce, St. Rosa Plum, Strawberry and Tomato Salsa, which I also canned.
There are the plums, strawberries and homemade tomato paste (from last year) boiling away in the canning pot. I can't wait to try this on duck. Also, see the finished salsa next to the little jars of FireSpices! I am not sure how I lived or cooked without this stuff......before. Thanks, David!

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