Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mile Post 18 North of Puerto Progresso, Yucatán Peninsula

Flying over Mount Rainer when the sky is clear, non-stop on the way to Cancun. The vacation starts.The photo does not do it justice: it was breathtaking!

Pick up an internet car at airport, and after some Mexican "customer service" that was so bad it was humorous, we are off to Walmart and the toll road for a 387 KM drive east. The toll road is good, great really and almost empty......after 2 hours we make it half way and get off at Valladodid. http://yucatantoday.com/en/topics/valladolid
We eat an order of Cochinita Pibil, sala mexicana, black bean dip, fresh tortillas and the most amazing habanero salsa.....habaneros are the chili of choice in this part of Mexico.
This stew can be made with chicken and includes orange juice and achiote seeds/paste.

Pickled red onions top it off......we take the habanero salsa with us after asking the waiter if we can, he actually tops it off for us to go.

It's a family reunion and we cook pretty much every day......goof off and then go in search of fish, produce, whatever looks good, even the Costco and Walmart food tastes so amazing......we rediscover what great tomatoes, avocadoes, carrots, potatoes, cheese, mangoes, papayas, onions, chicken, and chilis (and not just the nuclear ones), taste like. We grill whole fish that came out of the Gulf of Mexico just hours before, we make mole and posole, chicken soup. Whatever it is, it tastes vibrant, hearty, healthy and looks so beautiful. The sunset is from the house our family rented and the view to the south is Puerto Progresso....where they have a daily food market, sanitary market...that was so clean and full of wonderful, afordable food. A week, but a life long memory for many reasons.

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