Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chef by Request-Day #2

Eggs with Swiss Cheese/Mushrooms & Fresh Fruit (top left)
Grilled Steak Salad with Lettuce, Vegatables and Tomatoes (bottom left)
Asian flavored Edemanie Salad (snack)
Seattle Snack Bar (top middle)
Chicken with Broccoli & Tomato Sauce (botton right)

This was a very postive experience. I actually couldn't eat all the food that was provided to me and still have the steak salad from the second delivery left. The edemanie salad was really great and I am going to try to recreate it, it is a keeper with a light sesame oil dressing, celery, water chestnuts and crispy carrots....Yum!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chef by Request-Healthy Meals. On your doorstep. Daily.

Chef by Request, with offices in Kirkland is an interesting option for healthy, tasty (yes) meals and snacks. I spoke with David Welts, their Director of Business Development last week Thursday. He offered to send some sample items and today, when I left the house at 6am: there was a black insolated bag outside the front door with my name on it. Inside, there were items intended for B-fast, Lunch and Dinner, plus 2 snacks.

Today's Menu: (Zone type food about 1,200 calories total)
Cherry Almond Scone w/Yogurt & Fresh Fruit (left top)
Blackened Chicken & Bleu Cheese Salad (right top)
Turkey Chili w/chedder Cheese and Brown Rice (right bottom)
Pita Pizza Wedges (left bottom)
Seattle Snack Bar (bottom middle)
8:30 am So, after coming back from Shawn Casey Results Fitness this morning: I was ready for food and ripped into the scone, jam and fruit (I warmed the scone in the micro for 30 seconds). I ate it and have to say, for a scone with little butter, it was good and I would go out of my way to eat it again.
11:30 am I am not really very hungry, but the directions say: eat every 2-4 hours at regular intervals. The salad is tasty as well.
It is now 2:16pm, and I have dinner and the two snacks to go. I will update you all tomorrow. I am impressed and would order this food, (just a few ideas) if:

I was on a deadline and didn't want to worry about eating well
(all your daily food prepared and delivered during the night to your home or office)

I was at a tradeshow and didn't want to eat "show food" which is never good

If I were trying to eat well and lose weight and didn't want to have to
make different food for myself and my family

I was going on a long flight and didn't want to deal with airline food

Menus are totally customized for all kinds of restrictions and likes and dislikes

If I had a friend or a family member who was sick or laid up and couldn't
cook for themselves

I am going to go and tour the kitchen and meet the team later this week. Pricing, is listed for single person and two person delivery, but not by week or month. Let's just say that the food delivery I recieved is around $14 dollars x 3 (based on a one day order). I think about times I have been somewhere without access to food that I felt good eating or no food at all and $14 a meal period sounds pretty good to me. PS. The way I feel now, I may not even finish all the food I was sent today.